Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Photoshop for Beginners

I love Photoshop.

I have a confession.  I like Photoshop, and I'm self taught.  I'm a geek, and I taught myself.  I might be a bit different than everyone else, because it isn't an easy application. The problem is that Photoshop is a bit of a difficult program for some people to wrap their heads around.  

So, here are some of my beginner's steps to getting their head around Photoshop...

Monday, November 16, 2015

3D Design & Printing on the iPad

3D Design & Printing

3D printing is a new frontier at my school, where they have invested in purchasing 4 3D printers this year.  As many students use iPads, this post is geared to use the touch interface to create 3D objects on the iPad, and export for 3D printing.

This is a work in progress, and as I learn more, I will add more to the post.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Twitter for Beginners

I believe that all teachers should have a way to reach out to others, and build a Professional Learning Network (PLN) of like minded educators.  We all have interests, problems, questions, and need advice.

There are many ways to build this PLN, and there are many educators using Twitter.

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets". It is a microblogging platform, which allows you to post and show what you are doing, ask questions, and follow an interesting feed of information.

Many people use Twitter to:
  • Share ideas
  • Develop a PLN (Personal Learning Network)
  • Connect and collaborate with people
  • Reflect and engage in dialogue with others
  • Access to new resources...every day
  • Follow interests
  • Expand your professional development

Here are some common definitions of commonly used terms in Twitter.

#tags (n):hashtags are markers placed in a Tweet that can be traced by other Tweeters. They are used to link people interested in similar topics. HashTags are not a ‘source’, they are a label only.
#tagchat (n):a ‘conversation’ that is connected and followed via a specific hashtag.
@symbol (v):the transportation method to get a tweet to a particular individual.
Followers (n):people interested in what you say and share.
Following (v):individuals who say and share things you are interested in.
PLN (n):Personal Learning Network.
ReTweet (v):the act of Tweeting someone else’s tweet. Referred to as an ‘RT’ in most tweets.
Twit or Tweeter (n):a Twitter user
Twitterverse (n):a universe inhabited by individuals who are active members of Twitter.
Tweet (v):the act of communicating via Twitter.
Tweet (n):a single message communicated via Twitter.
Tweacher (n):a teacher who uses Twitter to engage in great ideas with students and other teachers.
Common hashtags used by educators on Twitter, curated by @cybraryman1

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a method of creation, that builds in Innovation.  It is a cycle of thought, that moves you through a creative process.  It starts with empathising with a problem, normally of another person.  Attempts to understand the problem through definition, then moving towards Ideating solutions.  Prototyping means to build or create a tentative a solution. Testing the solution is about carrying out the plan, or a limited run of the plan.

I believe that Design Thinking can be used all throughout education.  It is a great way to think about Differentiation for students.  Every student has different needs for which we need to have empathy. Communication in schools needs to keep all stakeholders needs in consideration.  There are so many problems within schools, that could be solved through better problem solving.

The best part of this model, is that it is not satisfied with a first solution.  It's about constant improvement and innovation.  

Below is the presentation I took part in at 'Beyond Laptops' in Yokohama, presented by Heather Dowd a few years ago.  The tools and methodology I still use, and enjoy.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Automate your cross-posting!

Ok, I am a busy guy.  I have kids, a wife, and lots to do at school as a tech integrator.  But, I love sharing, and I have a lot of social media accounts.  I was looking for a way to incorporate a lot of my tools together, so that I can post once, and the rest of my social media will get the same post.

I love Instagram, and Twitter for professional items.  But, I noticed I have a lot of Google Plus followers, but I only post my blog posts there.  I asked myself, how can I cross-post better?  How can I use Google Plus, and Linked In more effectively, without wasting time.

I found an outdated post, and I added some updates.

So, this workflow starts from Google+, then Tweets it, and Posts to LinkedIn. 

Since Google Plus is the hardest to automate, lets start the workflow from there.  What you need is an RSS from your Google Plus profile.  Go to your Google Plus profile,
and copy the URL in the browser window.  

Visit this website to create an RSS address from your Google Plus profile.

Paste your Google+ URL to the top box, and press 'Get RSS'.  

In Chrome, you get a lot of HTML code showing, and a changed URL.
Copy the URL.

Your next step, is that you need an IFTTT account.  IFTTT is a website that allows automation of web accounts.  It means 'if that, then this'.  It can cause automatic reactions to other online events that you choose.  These are called recipes.

Click on the recipe below.  This has an RSS feed.  Use your RSS URL from the last step to create your trigger.

IFTTT Recipe: If RSS (G+) then Tweet connects feed to twitter

Once your trigger is created, you can activate your Twitter channel.

My other problem is in LinkedIn.  I seldom have time to login, but, I don't mind sending a post automatically.

IFTTT Recipe: If Tweet, then LinkedIn with #in connects twitter to linkedin

If you activate the above recipe as well, the #in will cross post to LinkedIn.

Well, that is the workflow.  I hope it helps you!

I will work on how to incorporate Instagram into Google+, but I thought that this was a great start to saving some time....

Sunday, October 11, 2015

First 3D print complete!

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1P9sBy3

3d Printing is a big thing in Education, especially when looking at a 'Design Thinking' education or MakerSpaces.  I had the pleasure of running a test print in one of KIS's new 3D printers today.

A video posted by Art Schultz (@artschultz13) on

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Instagram Post from the ISKL iPad Conference #2

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1KYywoK

Having a good time in Kuala Lumpur @stevegatoz has been a great friend, allowing me to stay with his family! The iPad Conference @ ISKL has been great so far, time to get ready for day two! #ipadkl #artschultzblog

Friday, September 18, 2015

Instagram Post from the ISKL iPad Conference #1

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1NBBa2t

Getting started at the #iskl 2nd annual iPad Conference #ipad #artschultzblog

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Canva for iPad Instagram post

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1X0sEi1

I've been playing with Canva for iPad.  Here's a post from my Instagram feed, that I created the layout from Instagram posts and a graphic organiser I created in Canva...

Canva for iPad

I've been playing with Canva for the iPad for a little while, and it is an amazing app.  It works cross-platform, and it pretty darn sweet.
Canva is a layout editor for the iPad, that has many custom themes that you would expect out of a text editor. The good bit, is that this app does so many other styles of layouts, including Instagram squares, blog posts, and so much more!
So, here is a creation, made on my iPad, made in the Canva app.

Here is a related page about Canva, one of my iPad Sessions...

The good bits:

The app does so much, it allows complete control of your colour scheme, image rotation, recolouring of photos... It keeps on going. This app is very versatile. Clean interface between Camera and Camera Roll for inserting your own images!

The bits that could be better:

I am using an iPad 3rd generation, and it can be a little laggy for me. I'd expect better out of a newer iPad.
It would be nice to have an iPhone version...

Applications for the classroom:

  • Making great presentation materials.
  • Making images come together for that newsletter.
  • Task sheet design! (Sorry, I like mine to be better looking than a Word document.)
  • Blogging.
  • Infographics!
  • The list can go on!
What do you use Canva for? Let me know via a Tweet, or comment below!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Lets get it started!

Photo Credit via Creative Commons

Returning to KIS for my 4th year is going to be fabulous. I have had the chance to work with enthusiastic educators, stupendous students, and amazing administrators in the past four years. New faculty are arriving, and its getting exciting to start this next school year. Faculty orientation is going to be quickly upon us.

With so many new people coming in, I thought it would be good to look at what I do at KIS, and think about my goals for the upcoming year. New year, new team, new goals!

So, a little background. My role at KIS is of an Educational Technology Specialist. I work to build capacity with Technology in the classroom. I teach teachers in the KIS Fishbowl Classroom. I plan and deliver lessons on current technology tools for the classroom. But there is so much more...

Infographic created by @stevekatz

The Fishbowl classroom is just the surface. My role is to understand what is happening around my school. I support teachers to use technology, and help them to lesson plan. I want teachers to leverage technology in ways to promote better understanding, improve achievement, and redefine tasks to become something entirely new.

Support in the classroom comes in many ways, from team teaching to direct instruction. I support in lessons, to help teachers when the technology is a distraction from the content. This is until I can build the teacher's capacity, so they can deliver it themselves.

In the past, I have worked with a team of individuals working across the entire school. Not just the elementary, middle or high school. We worked with teachers that we build relationships with, or have an interest in what they are doing. We look for invitations to come work with the teachers and classes, as to not be intrusive. Last year, two valued members of my team have moved on to other schools.

I am excited to be involved in the new evolution of the KIS EdTech team. The team of five, gets a new head of department, and a new teammate. Daniel Kilback and Richard Poth will be exciting new additions to the team.

My Goals for 2015-16 are to:
  • continue building the EdTech team at KIS. With new teammates, my team will need me to help them transition into their new roles. I need to build their capacity with their new roles, so they are able to help others as quickly as possible.
  • work more closely with the Elementary students at KIS and the 'One to World' iPad program.
  • continue to create new, innovative, and awesome sessions for the Fishbowl and beyond!
  • support the IT department to fully take over the Mobile Device Manager's day to day operation.
  • continue being an ambassador to the world-wide community for my school. Presenting at conferences, representing my school and myself to help others, while learning from others as well.
  • continue extending my knowledge in my Master's course. I have finished my Coetail courses this year. I need to continue growing towards a Masters in Educational Leadership to build my qualifications.
  • Not over extend myself. I have a habit of saying "yes", even though I need to take more time to do things properly. "Not at this time" needs to be an acceptable answer. I want to focus, and work well.
I'm looking forward to the challenges of the new year. I hope for the best year for all of my staff, students, and administration. Let's get it started!

    Monday, June 8, 2015

    Summer Vacation iPad Pen Pals...

    In our iPad 'One to World' program, Summer Vacation is here! 
    Our students all have iPads... help them to stay in touch.

    Want your students to Pen Pal, Chat, and FaceTime this summer? Want to have your students to have a way of keeping track of each other after they move on to other places?  Well, let's get started.

    Student Step 1:

    First, have your students create a Contact for themselves in Contacts.

    1. Find your card, with the one that has "me" next to it.
    2. Press "edit" in the upper right.
    3. Make sure your Apple ID email address is saved as an "email". This is used by default for FaceTime and Messages, assuming they are enabled by your Parents in "restrictions"
    4. Fill in only the information you want to share!
    5. Then Press "Done" 

    Teacher Step 1:

    Make a Chat for your class in Messages.

    Have your teacher create a Messages app chat for your class, using your class Apple ID list. One big chat on Messages, with everyone in it.

    Student Step 2:

    In Contacts, go back to your Contact Card.

    Press "Share Contact"
    And Message


    1)  Select, Click and Hold on the Contact in the text field.

    2)  Double Tap the round 'Home Button' on your iPad, and Select Messages app

    3)  Find your Class Chat. Paste your Contact Card to your Class Chat.

    Student Step 3:

    Add your Classmates Cards to your Contacts.

    Click and hold on each chatted contact. It will now give you an option to save the contacts.

    These can now be selected and used in FaceTime, Messages, and Email.

    Remember, ASK your parents if it is ok with them before you start your Messages and FaceTime sessions.  They set your rules and boundaries.  It may not be an appropriate time for your message, depending on time of day, or time zone that the person lives in...


    This tutorial is designed for students to add their classmates to their address books.  Connecting learners to each other.  Of course, you can choose if your child takes part in this activity.  

    If there are issues with no longer wanting messages coming in from a particular person, you can find help here

    Or if you desire to turn off Messages or FaceTime completely, you can do so in Restrictions

    Wednesday, June 3, 2015

    Create a Google Hangout on Air Event for your Virtual Classroom!

    So today my school closed due to the MERS illness that is going on around Asia.  I am not very concerned, but it is good to have precautions.  Students are working from home today.  This cropped up on us last minute, and I thought I'd share as to how to create a Google Hangout on Air for your Class.


    • You need a YouTube Account that is Verified.  Visit https://www.youtube.com/features to do so.
    • This needs to be done with a Computer, not a tablet or phone.
    • All "attendees" must have a Gmail account. (Google+ is not needed)
    • A list of your student "attendees" emails, I made mine in a Google Sheet.
    • Set up your Hangout on Air.  Visit https://plus.google.com/hangouts/onair

    When you are about to Start your event:

    • Start your Broadcast 

    • Remind students to Mute their Microphone when not speaking.
    • The Hangout automatically puts the Speaker's picture in the main window.
    • Share your Screen from the Green Button Below.

    After the broadcast, it will save to the YouTube account.
    Here is my first full broadcast.  (Really not great, learning experience)

    But I trimmed it down in YouTube editor.

    This was our first attempt at doing this, and if I had time to prepare students, this may have gone more smoothly.  The goal here was to allow some interaction between teachers and students, while we were unable to meet.

    Tuesday, June 2, 2015

    KIS students #coding with #ozobot

    A video posted by Art Schultz (@artschultz13) on

    I had the FANTASTIC opportunity to see Megan Godek's Korea International School 5th grade students working with students in California in Kristin Hick's class at Tierra Linda this morning.

    This project, as I understand, started through Twitter.  Students had been collaborating online with each other.  Ozobot, saw that these classrooms had been Tweeting about their product, and donated 'bots to each of the classrooms.  I would like to say that this is an amazing company for supporting Education.

    5th Graders at KIS have been working with students in California via video conference, discussing how to make the Ozobot follow their commands.  The Ozobot is similar in commands to the old school programming language of Logo, but with other variables, such as color changing and twists and turns.  But with the Ozobot, the "turtle" is in their world, not on a screen.

    Ozobot can be programmed via paper and colored markers to navigate mazes, or just make them dance.  This can be done with through the  iPad's apps as well.

    So... what does this mean in education?  

    This can be done as a Simple PBL unit.  Students can think about a task, and problem solve to achieve answers to their task, in a safe and small scale manner.  The students can create challenges, or respond to 'messy problems' given by the teacher.

    As these students were teaching each other, it helps to bring connections and collaboration across continents.  Promoting understanding.  Real job skills for the future.

    Social Media can be a very productive and important way for classrooms to engage the world, to show safe and responsible activities online in a productive way.

    Great work 5th graders on both sides of the pacific!

    Wednesday, May 6, 2015

    Transform your Classroom with Blogger

    The image to the left is a bunch of piles.  They are sticks, but imagine that the sticks were finished student assignments.  The student picks up their pile, parts of the pile makes it home neatly in a folder.  Some of the pile makes it home, crumpled up in the student's backpack.  Other parts of the pile are never seen again.  

    Photo Credit: Ian Sane via Compfight cc

    How do we get the good stuff home?  

    The answer is Publishing.  Blogger, is a blogging platform that students have accounts for, attached to their Google Apps for Education accounts.  Blogging is Publishing.  
    Are your students writing? Making movies? Drawing? Taking photos? Recording their voices?  These can all be added to their Blog, easily.

    If so, Let Blogger become their "one stop shop" to publish all of their work.

    Blog Setup & Settings

    Download the Blog Settings Cheat Sheet


    Blogging on the iPad



    • Versatile app, allows posting to many blogging websites.  
    • Integrates with Youtube, Flickr, Google+, etc, with a drag & drop interface.
    • Students can have their own blogs.
    • Paid app
    • Somewhat difficult setup for an entire class.

    EasyBlogger Jr.


    • Simple Blogging for young learners.
    • Allows students to post Photos, Video, & Writing.
    • Easy Setup.
    • Built off of YOUR BLOG, not individual student blogs.
    • Posts VIDEO to YOUR YouTube Channel, Pictures to YOUR Picassa account.


    Why not use another Platform to create a quick post to your blog!  I like using Instagram to create blog posts, to bring more traffic, & posts to my blog.  I just add a #specifichashtag to a Instagram post, & it uploads to my blog.

    This requires using IFTTT.com to create.

    IFTTT Recipe: Make a quick Photo Post in Blogger from Instagram connects instagram to blogger

    How To

    Embed a YouTube video

    Add a photo

    Looking for examples of students blogging? 

    Check these out:

    Thinkin About... http://blogs.goaj.org/gamekid/ (12 year old)
    Third Grade is Fun http://blogs.goaj.org/emscanvas/ 11 years old)
    Jaden's Awesome Blog http://jadensawesomeblog.blogspot.kr/

    Saturday, May 2, 2015


    Image courtesy of David Shankbone via Flickr & Creative Commons License.
    How do I interact with those whom I haven't met?  I like Twitter, but I like to think about how else I might use it, in conjunction with my blog.

    While being in the Coetail Online2 Cohort, I have made attempts at engaging the COETAIL Community, via twitter, and through my blog.
    Here are a few of my Twitter posts:
     I like Twitter, but I often do not find it engaging.  Maybe I prefer working with people I have met face to face.  Who doesn't?  But I wanted to find a way that I can get some interaction between my PLN and also a bit from the folks I have met in person. So I made few blog posts, using Google Forms to make them interactive.  Like this one. and this one.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.09.58 PM   Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.11.07 PM

     The plan was to pass out the blog post via Twitter, and via email to folks I know...  I asked the readers to fill in the form, and voila... the graphs automatically update.  I like that I was able to use the responses spreadsheet, and a little spreadsheet know-how to create graph-able data.  The graphs were native to Google Sheets.

    Here is a direct link to the spreadsheet, should you want to have a look.

    This is a process that I have felt that worked for me, and I feel that I want to find ways to use this in creating content in the future.  I might look at creating an e-book that has interactive elements, such as Instagram or quizzes...

    My model may not be a direct, back and forth engagement, but I feel it does show interaction with my peers and PLN.  What do you think?  Send me a tweet at @art_schultz or comment below.

    Thursday, April 23, 2015

    Teaching a teacher to use IFTTT to Post Instagram to their blog.

    Everything is possible.  You can publish amazing things, right from Instagram... with the right tools.

    This week in the fishbowl, we are talking IFTTT to simplify your life...  Next week... a bit of Apple's Automator.

    Here is the post below.

    via Instagram http://ift.tt/1Gob66u

    This is a professional development opportunity that is for any Mac, iOS or Android user. Welcome to >_Automatic - a 2 Week session that perhaps unsurprisingly focusses on automation!

    Introduce ways to make your digital work/social life more efficient and walk away with some tangible 'gains'.

    Who is this session for? 
    People who are ready to take ordinary tasks, and automate them. It's also for the tech curious!

    We therefore dive into 3 levels of automation:

    Week 1

    IFTTT - the innovative and clever service (brought together with the IF App for iOS and Android) links together many of your favourite social media and broader internet sites - delivering automated tasks and information retrieval. It's actually quite fun to dive into the IFTTT 'recipes', and you too can create your own. Simple to use, easy to setup. For participants in The Fish Bowl this week, we may not make it beyond IFTTT...40 mins disappears quickly in this universe.

    Week 2

    Automator - This native App to the Mac coordinates applescript with a tidy UI (user interface). It looks daunting at first glance, but we will guide you through some processes that will perform common tasks such as shrinking a PDF with no loss of quality; merging PDF files into a single file; converting image types; pulling text from PDF files; converting to PDF...actually the Automator options here mostly relate to PDFs. Whatever the recipe, Automator can take all the repetitive legwork out by creating automatic processes that you normally do manually.


    AppleScript - Offered as an extension in this session, we offer a look at this form of programming language that is one of the simplest languages to understand, mainly because it so closely resembles regular prose. Great for people who are curious and requires no experience in scripting languages.

    Some of our IF recipes from this session (watch this space...!)

    IFTTT Recipe: YellowDust Korea Update connects twitter to ios-notifications IFTTT Recipe: If it's raining, email me! connects weather to gmail IFTTT Recipe: Remember this business card connects do-camera to evernote IFTTT Recipe: Tweet when someone faves your Published Recipe. connects ifttt to twitter IFTTT Recipe: Publish that blogpost & share on Twitter. connects blogger to twitter IFTTT Recipe: Make a quick Photo Post in Blogger from Instagram connects instagram to blogger IFTTT Recipe: If it starts to rain send me a notification.  connects weather to ios-notifications IFTTT Recipe: Send iOS notifications about 54cm touring bikes in Minneapolis, MN on Craigslist connects craigslist to ios-notifications IFTTT Recipe: Dallas Cowboys Game Starting connects espn to ios-notifications